We Help Small Business Owners + Commission Sales Pros Buy A Home Without Needing A Bank

Our groundbreaking Home Matchmaker Experience™ matches Sellers with Buyers who use our private money network. This method cuts out the banks, eliminates fees, and gives power back to honest, hard working people to help them save and make money on their #1 asset.

Buy or sell in three easy steps

Step 1
Schedule a free, no-commitment call with a Home Matchmaker specialist.
Step 2
We will match you with one of our home buyers or lending partners to keep the most money in your pocket.
Step 3
We’ll handle all the heavy lifting for you at a pace that suits you with zero fees.

Get A Cash Offer (Or Monthly Cash Flow) For Your Home Today

We pay top dollar. No repairs needed. No fees required. Close on your timeline. We’ll show you how to make monthly cash flow on your home without lifting a single finger. This option can nearly double the amount of money you would make if you just sold on the market. It’s a great option for landlords or homeowners who understand the value of passive income for retirement purposes. As the saying goes, “Cash Flow is King!”

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Buy Your Home Using Owner Financing With The Best Terms In Kansas City!

We are the only lending team in Kansas City that caters to the Self Employed and Commission Based Sales Pro, while keeping the banks and all their fees out of it.

Finally A New Way: Better, Easier, Happier

Don’t get fooled by the competition that hides behind their suits, interest rate calculators, and credit check spreadsheets. Not us. We are a local family owned business. We root for the Chiefs and we love our barbecue! Most importantly, we’ve created a groundbreaking model called: Home Matchmaker Experience™. It matches Sellers with Buyers who leverage our private money network.

It’s perfect for the person who wants to cut out the banks, eliminates fees, and keep the most money in their pocket on their #1 asset.

Best Terms In Town

Get as little as 11% down and no PMI on 30 year loans tailored with flexibility to fit your needs.

A Company With A Heart

Our goal is to help 1,000 Kansas City families buy a home without the hassle or pain of banks

Unique Client Focus

The only lending team in Kansas City that caters to Small Business Owners + Commission Sales Pros.

Your Easy Button

Think of us like a full concierge service that makes getting into your new home better, easier, and happier.

Credit Check Free

We don’t do credit checks. We think they are silly and should never prevent you from getting a home.

100% Protection

We pay all upfront legal fees and introduce you to your legal team so you get all your questions answered and have peace of mind.

Trusted by home owners of K.C.

The Home Matchmaker Experience™ is the perfect circle of life for selling or buying a home with ease and peace-of-mind, while also getting top dollar. This unique experience was inspired by my Grandfather Gunther Gnass who I watched sell apples at the farmers market in Montreal, Canada when I was a young boy.